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Our best-in-class programs are customized for your team’s unique needs. All of our coaching and workshops are available in-person or virtually.

We help leaders and employees find more joy and success in their careers, business and life.  

Leading or being part of a team is complex because humans are complex.

If your team is struggling with attracting and keeping top talent, lack of communication and collaboration amongst team members, we can help.

We provide customized programs based on the psychology of human behavior, to transform and support the way you and your team work together.

We combine our own experience as executives and leaders with our expert coaching certifications to teach innovative, world-class programs such as Dr. Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead ™, Fierce Conversations ™ and Gallup Strengths.

How effective is your team?

How to be your best, most authentic self

How to improve employee retention & satisfaction

How to have a diverse, inclusive, engaged team

How to develop to your full potential and perform at the highest level

How to lead in a way that inspires results

How to work collaboratively as a team

How to communicate effectively

How to initiate tough conversations

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“I have been extremely lucky to have experienced Carla Iliescu and her team’s facilitation skills on several occasions. Carla has a wonderful way with people, significant understanding of leadership and interpersonal relationships and unlike many other facilitators a very strong mastery of business principals. I would highly recommend potential’s services!”

- Kimberly Morphet
 Vice President, Human Resources, Americas 

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We offer personalized workshops, custom-tailored to your unique needs. These are laser-focused, highly effective workshops designed specifically for your team and goals. Custom workshops are recommended for companies that are looking for deeper level problem solving or high-level growth expansion.

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Tailored leadership coaching can be the catalyst to big changes. For some it’s the best and quickest way to reach their goals, rather than in a group setting. Our team of qualified and dedicated coaches helps people focus on their goals while providing world-class support and accountability from concept to implementation.

1:1 coaching

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Companies need solid training and education programs that they can deliver, but often don’t have the time or expertise to develop the programs in house. We create customized development programs to meet your needs. The programs can be facilitated by our team or by you after a Train the Trainer program.    

program development

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We help individuals and teams understand their unique strengths, to create a strengths-based culture. When teams can understand and appreciate differences, positive change happens. When an individual sees themselves as part of a whole rather than disjointed piece of the puzzle, the result is happier, more productive individuals and teams. 


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Great communication skills are essential for business results. Your words have an impact on results and people. We teach how to communicate more effectively based on the the principles of Fierce Conversations ™ and our expertise in presentations. The beauty is great communication skills will improve every part of your life, personal and professional.


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Companies need courageous, inspiring leaders who feel empowered to make a difference in business results and their teams. When your leaders are developed, they develop others. The magic happens when they have that “aha moment” and want to do the same for others. We have programs for your first time managers to C-Suite Executives.


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I love it when I see that spark, that “aha” moment when my students get it. It’s like I get a little window I can peek into and see where their career might unfold because of that moment. For me, that’s pure joy.

I’ve seen so many leaders that quelled that spark through poor leadership that I made it my life’s mission to help leaders become better leaders. What drives me is that the ripple effect of lives improved and changed by someone who cared enough to expand their mindset for leading.  

My true purpose is to help you become an extraordinary leader in helping you find the joy that comes when you commit to doing what you were truly born to do. I hope that it brings you true delight and a deeper purpose for your life. It has for me.

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Location: New York City
Date: September 16th, 17th, & 18th 2024

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